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Leatherneck staffers celebrate 100 years

Four of the last surviving active duty Marines who served on Leatherneck Magazine in uniform, gathered at the Globe & Laurel Restaurant outside Quantico on October 24, to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the magazine. (L-R) All retirees: CWO4 Bill Parker, Assistant Editor-Publisher; and combat correspondents Capt Bob Bowen, MGySgt Ed Evans, and MSgt Paul Thompson.

Four of the last surviving active duty Marines who served on Leatherneck Magazine in uniform, gathered at the Globe & Laurel Restaurant outside Quantico on October 24, to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the magazine. (L-R) All retirees: CWO4 Bill Parker, Assistant Editor-Publisher; and combat correspondents Capt Bob Bowen, MGySgt Ed Evans, and MSgt Paul Thompson.


CC Spotlight: Cpl Brandon Maldonado

Cpl. Brandon Maldonado, a graphics illustrator by trade, learned still and video photography during his latest deployment, landing this shot in the 2018 Marine Corps Association calendar.  Maldanado, a native of Hayward, California, was assigned to the 11th Marine Expeditionary Unit.

Cpl. Brandon Maldonado, a graphics illustrator by trade, learned still and video photography during his latest deployment, landing this shot in the 2018 Marine Corps Association calendar. Maldanado, a native of Hayward, California, was assigned to the 11th Marine Expeditionary Unit.


USS Joe Rosenthal advisors and supporters a call to arms

Download, sign and send.

Download, sign and send.

October 9, 2017, is Joe’s 106th birthday and the D-Day, or “Delivery Day,” of our request and petition to the US Secretary of the Navy.

In fact, our letter and petition reached the Pentagon Thursday morning, but clearing security takes a few days. By tomorrow, the package should be on the Secretary’s desk.

We delivered 2,054 signatures with our letter, and over 800 more from the online petition will be delivered electronically tomorrow. I’m hoping by the time the online signatures are delivered, our total will be 3,000 names or more. That should get the Secretary’s attention!

This is the first salvo. Our efforts do not end tomorrow, but simply enter Phase 2. Almost 50 paper signatures have come in since we sent in our request, and they will continue to come in. The online petition will continue to bring in signatures from around the country. Our outreach efforts also continue: contacting veterans groups, making public presentations at libraries and in classrooms, and last week, participating in the 6th Annual Veterans Job Fair at the Marines Memorial Club in San Francisco, thanks to the support of MGen. Mike Myatt.

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USMCCCA Expeditionary Liaison appointed

 Lt. Col. Michael Armistead

Lt. Col. Michael Armistead

Lt. Col. Michael Armistead has been appointed to the post of USMCCCA Expeditionary Liaison by national president Keith Oliver. Armistead is stationed at Camp Lejeune as the Assistant Chief of Staff for Communication Strategy and Operations.
The mustanger’s USMCCCA assignment was designed specifically to “help us lean forward in including deployed Marine storytellers in annual awards submissions and correspondence,” Oliver said.

Keith said “his Association duties mean keeping the CC membership apprised of colleagues’ unclassified overseas adventures.”

“Too often, it’s been ‘out of sight – out of mind’ once our warriors leave our shores,” said Oliver. “Now we have an active duty Association member who is making it his business to keep them in the loop regarding our various program deadlines – especially where the awards are concerned.”

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Nat Fahy named chair for 2018 N.C. event

Fellow CC Nat Fahy back in the day

Fellow CC Nat Fahy back in the day

Nat Fahy

Retired mustang Maj. Nat Fahy has been appointed chair of the 2018 USMCCCA Training Symposium, National President Keith Oliver announced today.

Set for Aug. 20-23 at the New Bern, North Carolina DoubleTree Hotel, the CCs’ annual gathering will feature “robust professional development value for our active duty Marines,” said Oliver, “and Nat Fahy is in the perfect position to help us achieve that.”

An oft-deployed PAO who served in Afghanistan, Cuba and Desert Storm, Fahy joined the civil service ranks in 2010 and is assigned at Camp Lejune as Director of Communication Strategy and Operations for Marine Corps Installations East.

“Nat and Megan and their four active children have enjoyed multiple tours in the region and have long since become thoroughly embedded in Eastern North Carolina community and military life,” Oliver said.

“This appointment marks a refreshing return to the organizational benefits we reap by having a meeting chairman who is on the ground,” said Keith, “especially when it is somebody as ensconced as Nat.”


“MOS 4500” Warriors busy as ever

President’s Notes

Lance Cpl. Roderick Jacquote was our latest cover shooter for Leatherneck, capturing an image for the September “Magazine of the Marines.”

The shot featured Marines hard at work prepping precision airdrops during training at MCAS Yuma – demonstrating that the Corps is still very much in the parachute business (as it was in its infancy when CC legend, the late Col. Tom Fields, was commanding infantry units in the 1940s).

Jacquote, from Sugarland, Texas, said he is “inspired by the individuals striving to better the field … and the predecessors who laid the foundation for what we have pride in today.”

His OIC, lst Lt. Adam Miller, calls Jacquote “by far one of our best.”

Other notable work in the current issue featured Sgt. Lucas Hopkins’ well done story and photos on Task Force Southwest (Afghanistan) and some eye-grabbing photography by Sgt. Rodion Zabolotiny.

And, “Bravo Zulu” to Staff Sgt. Linda Scott, for her award-winning historical piece (“The Tide Turns at Belleau Wood”).

Meantime, the Naval Institute’s September Proceedings was featuring expeditionary imagery delivered by Gunnery Sgt. Robert B. Brown and Cpl. Zachery Laning (whose creative eye has been mentioned here before). The shots accompanied Major Nicholas Nappi’s piece, “Sri Lanka is an Open Door to the Indian Ocean.”

Retired Col. Katie Haddock received kudos from none other than former President George W. Bush in the acknowledgements of his newly-released Portraits of Courage

He singled out Katie and former JCS Chairman, retired Gen. Pete Pace, for “helping set the tone of this book” – a unique project that featured the author’s paintings of wounded warriors along with detailed written insights on each veteran featured.

Lt. Gen. Stacy Clardy

Lt. Gen. Stacy Clardy

Congratulations to recently-promoted Lt. Gen. Stacy Clardy, serving as Military Deputy for Readiness to the Undersecretary of Defense for Personnel and Readiness.  The general was the Community Relations Branch Head at the Division of Public Affairs as a major, and put his PA skills to use on subsequent occasions as a combat-deployed, senior infantry commander and in sensitive communications with the Japanese as the U.S. continues to sort out those special challenges inherent to training on Okinawa.

Finally, please spare a few prayers for 1980s CC, Ray “Ray the Barber” Adams of Eustis, Florida,  who is hanging tough (and still cutting hair) following a Stage 4 Brain Cancer diagnosis.  Treatments continue.  The bigger news, from Ray’s perspective, was his marriage last month to the love of his life, Anne.

— Keith Oliver, National President




WWII Marines’ petition to be delivered October 9th.

Petition spearheaded by the Joe Rosenthal Chapter

Petition spearheaded by the Joe Rosenthal Chapter

What began as a pipe dream for a handful of veterans has become the goal of 1,000s of people nationwide: Name a US Navy warship for the late Joe Rosenthal (1911-2006), the San Francisco photographer who took the iconic Iwo Jima flag raising photo.

The photo is believed to be the most recognized and reproduced in history, and has become a symbol of the United States Marine Corps. Six Marines raised the flag on February 23, 1945, in the midst of the bloody battle on Iwo Jima, a small volcanic island in the Pacific, the first land battle of WWII on Japanese soil. It raised the spirits of the American public, and raised $26.3 billion for the war effort as the symbol of the Seventh War Loan Drive.

Marine Corps veteran Dale Cook, president of the Joe Rosenthal Chapter of the USMC Combat Correspondents Association, a group of retired and active duty Marine journalists, knew Rosenthal well. “He was a member of our chapter and president of the Press Club. We renamed our chapter after him. He won the Pulitzer Prize for his Iwo photo, but the thing he was most proud of was the certificate that said he was an Honorary Marine,” said Cook who was an 18-year-old Marine in the battle, and became one of the more than 25,000 American casualties.

On October 9, 2017, (Rosenthal’s birthday), Cook’s group will deliver their petition with over 2,000 signatures and a letter requesting a future USS Joe Rosenthal to Secretary of the Navy Richard V. Spencer, who is responsible for naming ships.

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Wasson: Rosenthal chapter mourns loss of longtime VP

Bill Wasson

Bill Wasson

USMC veteran William “Bill” Wasson passed away early morning, Sept. 25, 2017.  Wasson was the longtime Chapter Vice-President of the Joe Rosenthal Chapter, USMC Combat Correspondents Association. He was one month short of his 99th birthday.

Dale Cook, Chapter President, made the announcement after speaking with Wasson’s daughter.

Wasson was a photographer and Senior NCO for the Marine Corps in San Francisco during WWII. After the war, he was a photographer for many years for Kaiser Aluminum and ran his own photography business. He did so much aerial photography he learned to fly a helicopter by observing the pilots—but never flew himself.

A gravesite service with military honors is planned for October. Details are pending.


“First to Go” revised history ready for pre-orders

Pre-order your copy today!

Pre-order your copy today!

Our updated USMCCCA history is nearly ready for shipment. We have put the book’s index on our website. There are over 500 names listed alphabetically of those who have helped us tell our story. Are you included?

Certainly, if your name is in the index below, you will want a copy of the book that commemorates the role you played in our history, right? The original history “Last to Know, First to Go” covered our history from slightly before WWII to about 1987. We have included excerpts from the original and brought it forward from that date – thanks to those who answered our requests – to about 2012.

The book’s cost is $28 to members; $35 to non-members. If you use a credit card, add a dollar. There is a button on our website that permits this. If you wish to use a check, make it payable to USMCCCA, 110 Fox Ct., Wildwood, FL 3478. The book will be shipped from St. Johann Press directly to you with free postage.

Book Prices

Index of names included in the book
Abel, Jon, 116
Abizaid, John, 231
Abrams, Mike, 109
Acosta, Frank, 6
Adams, Arthur H., 61
Adreon, Franklin “Pete,” 255
Agostino, Luis, 215, 226
Aideed, Mouhamad Farrah,
185, 190
Aiken, LaDonna, 262–270

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Stars and Stripes interview Dale Dye

Dale Dye, right, directs Tom Hanks on the set of Steven Spielberg's

Dale Dye, right, directs Tom Hanks on the set of Steven Spielberg’s “Saving Private Ryan.” Dye, a Marine combat veteran, served as a technical adviser and actor on the film. He is now working on his first feature film as a director, “No better place to die.” (Courtesy of Dale Dye)

Dale Dye's latest film project.

Dale Dye’s latest film project.

Executive Director Note: The Stars and Stripes writer of the article, “War-movie adviser looks to troops, vets to fund his directorial debut”  should not have been surprised at anything during this interview. I’ve known Dale Dye since he was a young lance corporal and nothing surprises me these days about what he is doing when most his age would be heading into a retirement home. He has a very long relationship with this organization both as an enlisted contributor and many times winner in our Distinguished Performance Awards program and as an extremely effective public affairs officer.

What he has accomplished in the film industry not only brought recognition to our Association but resulted in movie-goers seeing what they should see when watching a military movie. He demands perfection and gets it! We awarded him the Donald Dickson Memorial Award at our annual conference and training symposium last week in San Diego. This could be compared to the NFL’s most valuable player award. In 1997 our Board voted him the Brig. Gen. Robert L. Denig Memorial Distinguished Service Award for excellence as a practitioner of mass communications for his film work. He is, as the man once said, the real deal. We’re very lucky that he is one of ours.

For more information about his current film: “No better place to die,” visit Dye’s Facebook page:


“Terminal Lance” was a hit

Max Uriarte aka

Max Uriarte aka “Terminal Lance” and Marines at the USMCCCA Distinguished Performance Awards Banquet, August 23, 2017 at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in San Diego. Uriarte was the recipient of the Brigadier General Robert L. Denig Sr. Memorial Distinguished Service Award. (Courtesy of Max Uriarte)


Camp Pendleton on deck for Tuesday

Tuesday: August 22:
0800-0855 Prayer Breakfast (Non-Conference event, Guest Speaker: Deacon Pat Coulter)
0915-1500 Bus departs for Camp Pendleton 0930 sharp.
(For those registered and who paid the $20 bus surcharge) a
tour has been arranged by Base Public Affairs. The tour will
include a stop at I MEF Public Affairs. As we did several years
ago, we will invite active duty Marines to be our guests in one
of the Dining Halls.
1730-2400 Command Post open,
Peacock Room