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Jack Paxton
Executive Director, USMCCCA
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Wildwood, FL 34785
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$5,000 up

Keith Oliver
Col. Sally Pritchett
Ralph Austin

Don Coleman
George Chrisman
Dan Carpenter
Dale Baird
Tom Kerr
Bob McEwen
Mike Arnold
Walt Ford
Cochise Cash

Joe Skymba
John Ames
Mike Minardi

Dedicated Members

The 2016-17 Dedicated Member Campaign has begun. This year you can designate where your contribution goes. Your name and dedication will also appear in the Annual Conference Journal at the end of the year:

Bill Hauptfleisch
Dale Baird
Don Parzanese
Sally Pritchett
IMO Don O’Neal
Bill Hauptfleisch
IMO Don O’Neal
Kate Stark
IMO Don O’Neal
Gene Smith
IMO Don O’Neal
& USMCCCA Scholarship Fund
Bob Bowen
IMO Tom Bartlett
Dan Bisher
IMO Lester Wesighan
Mike Arnold
IMO Lester Wesighan
Fran Slimmer
Dianna Ball
Jenny Holbert
Don Gee
Malcom Barr
Margaret Diefenbach
Tom Kerr
Joe Galloway
Kevin Doll
Steve Illes
IMO GySgt. Steve Illes IV USMC
Keith Oliver
Jack Paxton
Emil Dansker
IMO Col. Herb Hart
John Dodd
Virginia Bueno
Walt Ford
IMO Don O’Neal
Bob Long
Cochise Cash
IMO of Jack Lewis and Don O’Neal
Cynthia LaJeunesse

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Why Be A CC Member?

Prospective members ask:  Why should I join the CCs?”
When you become a member you help make possible support for the following activities:

  1. The Wounded Marine Careers Foundation:  A career training and job placement program for Wounded Marines and Navy Corpsmen.  We have also, in the past, supported the Wounded Marines Semper Fi Fund.
  2. The USMCCCA Annual Merit Awards Program:   The program provides recognition of active duty Marine practitioners in the various media arts.
  3. The Gladys McPartland Scholarship Fund: Annual educational scholarships are made available to qualifying USMCCCA members and their dependents for studies at accredited institutions.
  4. The USMCCCA Scholarship Fund:  Awarded annually to qualifying members and their dependents for studies leading to a degree in Communications. 
  5. The William T. Perkins Videographer of the Year Award: Presented annually to that active duty Marine videographer displaying exceptional work in his or her field.  The award recognizes the heroism displayed in Vietnam in 1966 by Cpl. William T. Perkins, the only combat correspondent to be awarded our nation’s highest award for valor, the Medal of Honor.
  6. Professional Military Excellence Seminars:  At our annual conference we provide seminars for the enrichment of active duty, retired and other members of the Association in various related communications skills.
  7. Complimentary Association Memberships:  Active duty Marine graduates of the Defense Information School (DINFOS) at Fort Meade, MD receive a one-year complimentary Association Membership upon graduation. Elsewhere on this website you will see the Mission Statement of the USMCCCA Foundation, the designated and principal fund raising authority of the Association.  While there are certain differences in each, both support the Public Affairs and Combat Camera efforts of the Marine Corps.

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