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O’Brien, Cyril

Cyril O’Brien

Cyril O’Brien

I grew up in Camden, NJ and graduated from St. Joseph’s University, Philadelphia, PA in 1942.  Following World War II I obtained a Master’s degree from American University, Washington, DC.

I entered the Marine Corps in July 1942, one month after finishing college.  I enlisted because I was rejected as an officer candidate because I was an inch too short.  I was offered a commission later but also received the opportunity to become a Marine Corps combat correspondent, which I eagerly accepted.

On the Bougainville campaign I was assigned to a line company as an infantry Marine and participated in numerous patrols, usually as a scout.  In an interim rest area on Guadalcanal someone discovered I had been a pre-war newspaper reporter for the Courier Post in Camden and I was offered a slot as a combat correspondent.

I served as a correspondent on Guam and Iwo Jima, including the decisive battle on Guam for Chonito Ridge.  It was on Guam that I nearly bought it.  I was on a patrol with a Doberman war dog and, as we approached a patch of jungle, the dog refused to go in.  As we were a small recon patrol we had to call for a larger combat patrol and the fighting continued for more than an hour.  But for the dog I probably would not be putting together this bio.

Following the war I returned to journalism as a Washington correspondent covering the House and Senate for newspapers in New Jersey.  My last job was ads a science writer and media representative for the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Lab, the principal Navy research and development lab for missiles, undersea warfare, space and earth satellites.

I have authored two publications.  Liberation features Marines in the recapture of Guam and was published by the Marine Corps Historical Center.  “Two Score and Ten” is a compilation of hundreds of anecdotes of war with the 3d Marine Division and includes photos, memoirs, battle reports, citations and tributes.  

I married a lovely Philadelphia girl.  We have four children and live in Silver Spring, MD.


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