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Scholarship Info

United States Marine Corps Combat Correspondents Association Foundation Scholarship Grants

There are two categories of scholarship grants available:

 • The Gladys McPartland Scholarship for general studies
• The USMCCCA Brigadier General Robert L. Denig Foundation Scholarship for studies leading to a degree in Communications.

 Applicants for both scholarships must meet the requirements below:

1. A member of the Association; member’s dependent (to include spouse); any active duty Marine in occupational field 4300 or 4600 (and related MOS). In the case of an active duty Marine applicant he or she must agree to become a member of the USMCCCA upon selection and remain a member throughout the lifetime of the approved scholarship.

2. Past recipients of Foundation grants who have not received a maximum of four annual grants, if they still meet requirements.

3. All applicants must show evidence of having been ACCEPTED by an accredited institution of
higher learning for enrollment in courses leading to undergraduate degrees from that institution.

Grant Amounts: The amount and number of grants awarded each year will be determined by the Foundation Board of Directors. Initially, $3,000 has been allocated to each of the awards listed above. No individual grant will be less than $500. The grants will be made to the chosen institute of higher learning for use exclusively by the finalist chosen and are to be used exclusively for educational support: tuition, books, and/or fees at the chosen institute.

Application Deadline: Applications and supporting documents must be received at the Association’s National Headquarters no later than June 1.

Gladys McPartland, Sergeant Major or Godmother of USMCCCA, depending upon who you ask,

Gladys McPartland, “Sergeant Major” or “Godmother” of USMCCCA, depending upon who is speaking, was presented with a handcarved wooden emblem by outgoing national president, Bob McEwen, Sept. 23, 1972 in Washington D.C.  Gladys had worked for the Corps from her 21st birthday, Dec. 7, 1941, until February 4, 1985, paid or not.    The scholarship program was instituted in 1986.   For details on Glady’s service, see Garry M. Cameron’s “Last to Know, First To Go”, published by Charger Books.

Scholarship Instructions and Application can be downloaded here

The Gladys McPartland Scholarship Fund was established by the U. S. Marine Corps Combat Correspondents Association, Incorporated [dba USMCCCA], on May 1, 1986 with an initial contribution of $1,500 from Mrs. Edward L. (Kathryne) Timmons in memory of her “beloved sister,” the late Gladys McPartland. Gladys McPartland 1921-1985

Affectionately referred to as the “God mother of the CCs, Gladys, who died in 1985, was the perennial Executive Secretary of the Association for 40 years. In addition to Mrs. Timmons, major contributors the fund include other members of Gladys’ family and an endowment of $4,500 from CC Life Member Robert A. Suhosky.

The Gladys McPartland Scholarship is granted for general studies and the Brig. Gen. Robert L. Denig Memorial Scholarship is granted for studies leading to a degree in communication or related communication fields.


Eligibility: Scholarship grants are administered by the USMCCCA and will be granted exclusively to:

•  Any Regular Member (for at least two consecutive years) or Regular Paid Life Member of the USMCCCA. A Regular Member is one who, at the time of application:
• Is in a “dues paid” status;
• Is listed as KIA, MIA or as a POW and entered that category while a “dues paid” member.
•  Dependents of Regular Members or Regular Paid Life Members, or children of deceased members who met the eligibility requirements.
• All applicants must show evidence of acceptance by an accredited institution of higher learning for courses leading to a degree. Part-time students (6 hours per semester minimum) must show courses in which enrolled will lead to a degree.
•  Failure to complete courses or failure to maintain a “C” average (2.0 grade point average) will be grounds for denial of future grants.
•  In the case of dependents of deceased members, the sponsor must have met the membership requirements listed above.

Grant Types and Amounts: The Gladys McPartland Scholarship is primarily intended to assist Combat Correspondents and their dependents who wish to pursue a higher education degree in any field. Up to $1,000 may be awarded each year toward that purpose. Additionally, the Foundation may award up to $1,000 each year to assist those pursuing communications degrees. The amount and number of grants to be awarded each year will be determined by the Board of Directors; however, an individual grant will be for an amount not less than $500, and as much as $1,000 for full-time students (those taking 12 hours or more per semester), or $250-$500 each for part-time students (taking at least 6 hours or more per semester). The USMCCCA will consider applications from active duty Marines who are enrolled in government sponsored degree completion programs, unless the government is sponsoring 100 percent of the Marine’s tuition.

The grants will be made directly to each year’s recipients, and are to be used exclusively for educational support: tuition, books, and/or fees at accredited institutions of higher education.

Application Components: Scholarship candidates must submit their applications to the Scholarship Chairperson by June 1 of the year in which the scholarship will be awarded. Applicants may submit subsequent requests for grants each year they are enrolled in an institution of higher learning. Being awarded a grant does not prohibit an individual from being selected as a grant recipient in subsequent years. A new, complete application must be filed each year. The following documents comprise a complete application:

• A completed Gladys McPartland Scholarship Application Form and supporting comments. This will include a 500-word typed essay “The United States I want to see in 15 years and my role in that transformation.”
• A certified copy of the sponsor’s DD-214, if applicable, to determine grant eligibility.
• An official transcript form the academic institution that reflects grades received during all reporting periods at high school or college. If more than one school was attended, and the most recent school transcript shows grades at previous school(s), only that transcript is necessary. If not, an official transcript from each school is required.
• Applicants who have been accepted for college entrance on the basis of completing the General Education Development (GED) test should submit a certified copy of the test scores.
• All transcripts must be sent directly by the schools to the USMCCCA’s National Headquarters. Unofficial Photostats, photographs, student papers, or attested copies cannot be accepted.

Notification Procedures: Applicants who provide an e-mail address will be notified by the scholarship chairperson when their application has arrived. Applicants selected for grants will be notified by the USMCCCA. The names of scholarship recipients will be announced each year at the USMCCCA annual conference.

Submission Address: Completed applications an all supporting documents are to be sent to the following address: Gladys McPartland Scholarship Committee; USMCCCA National Headquarters; 110 Fox Court; Wildwood, Fl 34785.


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