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McEwen In Hospice Care

Bob McEwen

The family of Bob McEwen has asked me to reach out on their behalf and is asking for all of our prayers.  Bob is going into hospice care today (May 10).  He has suffered greatly the past few months.  Following his return from Bangkok in March, he continued to have issues […]


13th USMCCCA Foundation (Florida Chapter) Golf Tournament a Success

Golfers revved their carts anticipating the start of the the 13th Annual USMCCCA (Florida Chapter) Golf Tournament held April 28 at Sherman Hills Golf Club in Brooksville, FL.

With 64 players braving an early start to a very hot summer afternoon, the 13th annual USMCCCA (Florida Chapter) Golf Tournament held April 28 at Sherman Hills […]


A tribute to Norm Hatch

Retired Marine Maj. Norman T. Hatch passed away, April 22, 2017. Hatch was a videographer in the Island Hopping Campaign during World War II. (U.S. Marine Corps Video by Cpl. Hunter L. Helis)


The 2016 Journal is in the mail

Did your Journal arrive yet?

Yes, it’s a little delayed this year, but hopefully it will be worth the wait.

Jack Paxton, executive director says if you don’t receive yours by April 29, (and you are a paid member) to contact him with a correct snail mail address and he will get one out to […]


Quilt handmade by “Doc” Galloway up for raffle

One of a kind handmade quilt by “Doc” Galloway will be raffled off at the Annual Conference and Symposium August 24, 2017 in San Diego, CA. Each ticket costs $10.

Here is your chance to win a handmade quilt by Joe Galloway‘s wife, “Doc” Gracie.

We are raffling off this one of a kind item […]


“My Life and Lens” – The story of a Marine Corps Combat Correspondent has been published

(Ed. Note:  There are no reviews as yet on what promises to be a fine accounting of a combat correspondent who had several tours in Vietnam.  What we do have are quotes from those who will be featured on the dust cover.  Watch for this one!)

I predict this is a great book by Bob Bowen […]


March 24th deadline for new DoD awards program

There have been several changes to the DOD awards programs. This past year, Defense Media Agency was directed to consolidated the three awards programs into one. A joint working group was formed to determine new categories and program criteria. This attachment is the final outcome of those efforts.

This year the Marine Corps awards will be […]


Fla Golf Tourney set for April 28

Golfers enjoy the sunshine and camaraderie while supporting the Florida Chapter’s Golf Tournament. Next one to be held is April 28 with a 12:30 p.m. shotgun start at the Sherman Hills Golf Club, near Brooksville, Fla.

The 2017 golf tournament of the USMCCCA Foundation (Florida Chapter) will be held Friday, April 28 with a 12:30 […]


The Snuffies Return to The World – The Wrap

Dale Dye returns from Vietnam.

By Dale Dye

It’s time to sober up and evaluate this thing. Back here in The World there’s a little elbow room, a little space that’s not filled with specters of an old and controversial war. There’s been a day or two to fight through the roiling brain mists that engulfed […]


Day Four: Snuffys’ Return to Vietnam

Dale Dye and Mike Stokey at RVN cemetery. Photo by John Riedy

by Dale Dye

Day Four of The Great Ghost Chase gives me a case of the staggering willies even before the bus rolls out of Danang headed north on Vietnamese Highway 1. Our course runs through the once-infamous Hai Van […]


CCs head back to Vietnam

1st Division ISO Snuffies:(l-r) Eric Grimm, Richard Lavers, Robert Bayer, Michael Stokey, Frank Wiley, Dale Dye. (Or as Julia Dye knows them, Rafter Man, Rick, Ding, The ARVN, Lurch, and Daddy D.A.). Not shown is Steve Berntson. Photo by John Riedy.

(Ed. Note:  Dale Dye and other CC “Snuffys” returned to Vietnam this week.  This […]


Paxton on AllMarineRadio

Jack Paxton, Executive Director speaks with Mike McNamara on his podcast show.

If you read the January Leatherneck (and you should have) there was a piece on AllMarineRadio which was fascinating.  You watch/listen on your computer/iPad/i/phone/tablet, et al.  I contacted Mike McNamara thinking he would be an interesting addition to our San Diego conference as […]