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A Tribute to Major Mawk Arnold USMC (Ret) 1924-2018

Dale Dye speaks to Mawk Arnold at the 2017 Annual Conference & Symposium in San Diego, Ca.

By Capt. Dale Dye USMC (Ret)

It’s indisputable that I would not have survived my service in Vietnam if it hadn’t been for a rugged, rawboned mustang officer who enlisted in the Marine Corps nearly a year before I […]


CC National Prez Keith Oliver checked in on several of our warrior-storytellers at Camp Lejeune the week before Christmas, including a stop at the vast training base’s newly remodeled photo lab. Pictured are back row (l-r): Pfc. Isaiah Gomez, Lance Cpl. Delgado Adrian, Staff Sgt. Albert Carls  Lance Cpl. Kaitlynn Hendricks and Pfc. Devin […]


Our National Chaplain, Mawk Arnold dies

Mawk Arnold will be sorely missed.

It is with great sadness that CCHQ announces the passing of National USMCCCA Chaplain and retired Maj. Mordacai “Mawk” Arnold early evening, January 15, 2018.
National President Keith Oliver received a call from Mawk’s wife, Alice, that she was visiting with Mawk who was convalescing following a very recent stroke […]


Mawk Arnold (left) with Jason Fudge at the 2016 Awards Banquet.

USMCCCA National Chaplain Mordecai “Mawk” Arnold has suffered a stroke and is now in rehab. CCHQ spoke with his wife, Alice and she indicated the stroke affected his right side. While there is no paralysis, he cannot walk. His speech, while halting, is not […]


2018: a year for increasing membership

Former Marine Gunnery Sgt. Jason Fischer, a newly-promoted Navy lieutenant commander has renewed his membership in the USMCCCA.

President’s Notes

A recent spate of new and renewed memberships is helping your Association vault into the 2018 with high expectations for roster gains and robust registration for our gathering in New Bern this summer.

Former Marine Gunnery Sgt. […]


Leatherneck hits century mark

INK-STAINED COLONELS WALT FORD, Bill White and Mary Reinwald have each had a turn editing the Marines’ Leatherneck magazine in recent years.

ARTIST NICOLE’S HAMILTON cover painting graced he 100th Anniversary edition of Leatherneck last month.

 President’s Notes

In case you missed it, ye olde Leatherneck, the unrivaled “Magazine of the Marines,” turned 100 last month.

Easily […]


CC Spotlight: Gunnery Sgt. Robert D. Brown

Practicing what he preaches, 11th MEU Communications Strategy and Operations Chief, Gunnery Sgt. Robert D. Brown, snagged a Marine Corps Association calendar shot with this image from the unit’s last deployment. The photo also appeared in the September issue of the Naval Institute Proceedings.


Dale Dye to Receive Inaugural Pat Conroy Lifetime Achievement Award

Dale Dye will be presented the inaugural Pat Conroy Lifetime Achievement Award at the 12th annual Beaufort International Film Festival. The festival dates are February 21-25, 2018 with the Red Carpet Reception and Awards Gala taking place on Sunday, February 25th at the University of South Carolina, Beaufort, Center for the Arts.

The Beaufort Film […]


CC Spotlight: Sgt Levi Shultz

Sgt. Levi Shultz, presently pulling duty at Recruiting Station Des Moines, Iowa, made the Marine Corps Association 2018 calendar with his photo of cold weather training.


Shawn Rhodes is back aboard

Shawn Rhodes

Tampa, Florida CC, former Sgt. Shawn Rhodes, rejoined his former Devil Dog colleagues in the USMCCCA this fall.

An international expert in creating high-performing organizations, Shawn is a Tampa-based TEDx speaker whose work studying organizations in more than two dozen countries has been highlighted in TIME, CNN, NBC and INC. The former Camp Lejeune-based […]


Progress for Rosenthal Chapter on naming ship

Progress continues on our effort to honor Joe Rosenthal with a Navy ship. While Joe earned the Pulitzer Prize and many other awards during his long career, newer generations of San Franciscans and Americans deserve to know the name of the creator of the most significant photograph ever taken. While some of us may have […]


Birthday breakfast for some CCs

Three key members of the USMCCCA Combat Correspondents Association living in the Orlando, FL area celebrated the 242nd Birthday of the Marine Corps attending an SOS Breakfast sponsored by the Central Florida Chapter, 1st Marine Division Association. From left: Keith Oliver, National President, Bob Jordan, and Jack Paxton, National Executive Director. The guest speaker […]