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The 2014-15 Dedicated Member Campaign has begun. This year you can designate where your contribution goes. Your name and dedication will also appear in the Annual Conference Journal at the end of the year:

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1st Quarter Newsletter should have arrived

1st Quarter Newsletter

The first issue of 2015 “Now Hear This” the official USMCCCA newsletter, should have arrived in your mailbox. If you DID NOT receive it, then you need to make sure CCHQ has your correct mailing address. You can MAKE SURE you get future newsletters by using the membership update form here.
If you […]


Marine Band and Jim Lehrer Salute End of World War II

Photo MSgt. Kristin duBois, Marine Band Public Affairs.

Story by Don Knight

Nearly seventy years ago World War Two finally came to end. On Sept.2, 1945. The Japanese military delegation came aboard the USS Missouri in Tokyo bay and signed the surrender documents.

Bells rang, whistles blew and bars nationwide filled up with celebrants. San Francisco was […]


Recruiting Command Awards Top Marketing Marine to Lodder

Sgt. Reece E. Lodder, Marketing and Public Affairs Marine, Recruiting Station Seattle, received the award of fiscal year 2014 MPA of the Year from Maj. Gen. Mark A. Brilakis, commanding general, Marine Corps Recruiting command, during a ceremony here. Lodder was also awarded the Navy and Marine Corps Commendation medal for his efforts. MPAs […]


Journal Readers Take Note

Due to a corruption of our USMCCCA Mailing List many of you will not have received your 2014 USMCCCA Journals.  We finally found and fixed the problem and yours will arrive via first class mail shortly.  


Need addresses of 2013-2014 DPA (Merit) Award Winners

While most first place winners have received the USMCCCA Annual Journal many others have not.  To receive one, email your current postal mailing address to Jack Paxton, Executive Director: or call him at 352.748.4698.


Annual Journals are on their way

2014 Annual Journal

Hey, want to see all the excitement from the 2014 USMC Combat Correspondents Association Conference in Oceanside, CA? Well the Annual Journal is finally in the mail.

That’s right, all the Distinguished Performance winners. Some highlighted bios of winners, Sgt Tyler Main, Katelyn Hunter, Codey Underwood and Jennifer Brofer. Plus a few surprises…if […]


Thanks from the Injured Marines Semper Fi Fund

Dear Friends at the USMCCCA Foundation. 

We want to take a moment to let you know how much we appreciate your recent gift ($2,000).  The care of our heroes and their families would not be possible without the commitment of partners like you – thank you for making a difference!  Your support […]


At least we tried…um, hoorah for the mail service?

From Don Knight:

 Six years ago on the Association’s behalf, I sent out some mailings to find some old USMCCCA members and get them back in as dues paying members.  That was in 2008.

I just received a returned letter from the USPS telling me they could not find Jay McDonald.  Did the postal service […]



Where are they?

So far from the most recent issue of Now Hear This we have discovered several changes of address for which we are thankful.  We have also received back eight “unable to forward” copies meaning you have moved.  The USPS will only forward mail to new addresses for six months after a move.  We are trying […]


Last brick available

We have one unsold brick that will be placed on the Denig Memorial at the National Museum of the Marine Corps at Quantico.  The brick can be engraved with three lines of 20 characters each line.  The $300 cost for the brick includes an amount to the USMCCCA Scholarship Fund.  This could be a fine […]


Seeking Chuck Kester and D. E. P. Miller

CC HQ looking for Chuck Kester and D. E. P. Miller.  Chuck’s last known address was Loudin, TN; Miller’s:  Pace, FL.  Anyone corresponding or knowing either, please contact the Executive Director.