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Combat Cameraman promotes book at Camp Lejeune

Maj. Norman ‘Norm' Hatch, autographs a copy of War Shots: Norman Hatch and the U.S. Marine Corps Combat Cameramen of WWII.

By Lance Cpl. Victor Barrera
Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune

While others were down on the dirt in the prone, he was standing, sometimes with his back to the enemy hearing the mortars go over […]


Member has new book


Dear Fellow Marines,
My publisher, Windy City Publishers, just released my latest suspenseful novel, THE WARRIOR AMONG US. After a nuclear war annihilates an entire civilization, the United States falls off the international stage when Congress becomes impotent after years of partisan politics, and is unable to function. The […]


Chip Jones talks about War Shots

Leatherneck’s editor, Col Walt Ford, USMC(Ret), interviews WWII Marine Corps combat cameraman Norm Hatch and Charles “Chip” Jones, the author of the book “War Shots,” a story about Hatch’s life.

Also Bob Jordan’s wrote a story about the book in Leatherneck Magazine’s April 2011 issue which you can read by clicking on the link.


Hatch signs books

Official Marine Corps photo by LCpl. Christina O'Neil.

Writer’s Cramp –Celebrated World War II cinematographer Norm Hatch is spending many of his days lately autographing copies of War Shots, the great tome by Charles Jones, highlights the photographic capture of World War II in the Pacific by Marine Combat Cameramen. 


War Shots book features combat cameramen in WWII

War Shots: Norm Hatch and the U.S. Marine Corps Combat Cameramen of World War II (Hardcover)
A book by Charles Jones is finally available and features the story of how military photographers got their shots while storming beaches and assaulting pillboxes with combat troops. It also describes how long time member Norm Hatch filmed With the […]


Review: HERO OF THE PACIFIC: The Life of Marine Legend John Basilone

HERO OF THE PACIFIC: The Life of Marine Legend John Basilone.
By James Brady. Published by John Wiley & Sons Inc. 272 pages.
Stock #0470379413. $23.36 MCA Members. $25.95 Regular Price.

We knew from conversations just prior to his sudden death in January 2009 that Parade Magazine’s James Brady was working on a book covering the […]


Denig award winner Brady’s last book published

James Brady's last book

“Hero of the Pacific:  The Life of Legendary John Basilone” is now out.  Noted journalist, author and Marine James Brady, who received the prestigious Denig Award at our San Antonio Conference, died suddenly several months ago following the conference. The book was completed just prior to his death.


Oliver gaining press for his book “Command Attention…”

Past president Col. Keith Oliver, USMC (Ret.), is gaining steam for his book, “Command Attention: Promoting Your Organization the Marine Corps Way.”  Leatherneck Magazine named it November’s “Book of the Month.”  And, owned by the Washington, D.C. radio station 103.5 FM features Keith’s first radio interview.

Check it out here: Keith Oliver’s radio interview

The U.S. […]


Bob Jordon authors book; Is America Safe?: Terrorism, Homeland Security, and Emergency Preparedness

The War on Terror is high on most Americans’ list of concerns. It promises to be with us for at least another generation to come. We are relatively safe within our borders – now.

Bob Jordon, co-author

But experts agree that it’s not if, but when we may be attacked in the future. Much more needs […]


Book Review: Command Attention: Promoting Your Organization the Marine Corps Way

By special arrangement with the Naval Institute, we will get 100 of the books prior to official release and they will be on sale at a special price of $20 each at our annual conference in Hampton, VA this month. When released to the public the price will be $26.95. Keith will be available […]