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2011 Merit Award Winners

Print Categories

Metro Format Newspaper

First: 29 Palms Observation Post
Second: Camp Lejeune Globe
Honorable Mention: Cherry Point Windsock 

Tabloid Format Newspaper

First: Okinawa Marine
Second: Barstow Log
Honorable Mention: New River Rotovue

Magazine Format Publication

First: Continental Marine, Marine Forces Reserve
Second: Pacesetter, 6th Marine Corps District
Honorable Mention: Pass And Review, Marine Barracks Washington

 Newsletter Format Publication

First: Gladiator, […]


The Camp Lejeune Globe Crew

This is the group from Camp Lejeune who put out the first place merit award winning Camp Lejeune Globe. From left, 1stLt Rachel Beatty, Mr Sanders Hall, Webmaster, SSgt Kristin Bagley, Cpl Jessica Martinez, LCpl Victor Barrera, Mr. Jim Connors, Publisher of Globe, PFC Timothy Solano, Ms. Reinhild ‘Jacki’ Huneycutt, PAO Assistant LCpl Jonathan Wright […]


Photojournalist of the Year: Carfrey, Tomlinson, O’Quin, Aalto

Photojournalist of the Year 1st Place – LCpl. Bryan Carfrey: Pvt. Orgaise Joseph, 23, Headquarters Battalion, Headquarters Marine Corps, performs the ammunition lift event during a Combat Fitness Test demonstration on Aug. 18. Joseph, a native of Lantana, Fla. performed the CFT on Aug. 18 and 19 as part of a worldwide tour showcasing […]


Broadcast Journalist of the Year: Ross, Vought, Milner

Broadcast Journalist of the Year 2nd Place: Sgt. Jeremy Vought

Broadcast Journalist of the Year 1st Place: Sgt. Jeremy Ross

Category sponsored by Father Jacob Matthew

1st Place: Sgt. Jeremy Ross, Pentagon Channel
Sergeant Ross said it was a real honor to tell some of the stories of the men and women serving the Corps in Afghanistan. […]


Local Televsion Newscast: Camp Pendleton, CVIC-MCB, JPA

Category sponsored by John “Jawn” Harmon

1st Place: MCB Camp Pendleton, CPAO

2nd PLace: CVIC-MCB Quantico

Honorable Mention: JPA, Cherry Point


Television Newsbreak: Forsythe, Ross, Milner

Television Newsbreak 2nd Place: Sgt. Jeremy Ross

Television Newsbreak 1st Place: SSgt. Amy Forsythe

1st Place: SSgt. Amy Forsythe, I MEF
Hollywood actor Gary Sinese starred in this television spot filmed during his USO visit with troops at Camp Ramadi, Iraq.

2nd Place: Sgt. Jeremy Ross, Pentagon Channel

Honorable Mention: Sgt. Andrew Milner, DMA Iwakuni


Regional Television Newscast: I MEF

Category sponsored by Asbury College

1st Place: I MEF Public Affairs
This newscast was among the extensive coverage given Marine operations and events in Al Anbar Province, Iraq. The winning entry featured the first-ever Iraqi Security Conference held at Camp Fallujah.


Television Sports Report: Shelby, Milner, DeFelippis

Television Sports Report 2nd Place: Sgt. Andrew Milner

Television Sports Report 1st Place: Sgt. Timothy Shelby

Category sponsored by Jack & Pat Paxton

1st Place: Sgt. Timothy Shelby, CVIC-MCB Quantico
This was a story on the running of the annual Marine Corps marathon series called the “Historic Half,” which last year moved from Quantico to Fredericksburg, VA. […]


Television Feature Report: Stare, Bryant, Sweet

Television Feature Report 2nd Place: Sgt. Ashleigh Bryant

Television Feature Report 1st Place: GySgt. James Stare

1st Place: GySgt. James Stare, AFN, Okinawa
This was a story about civilian David Ralston, who works for the Corps’ Community Services at Camp Foster, Okinawa. He is a substance abuse counselor and teaches Marines how to make positive choices. […]


Television News Report: Bryant, Sweet, Jackson

Television News Report 2nd Place: Cpl. Nick Sweet

Television News Report 1st Place: Sgt. Ashleigh Bryant

Category sponsored by Sally Pritchett

1st Place: Sgt. Ashleigh Bryant, Pentagon Channel
The locale was the Leapfest competition in Rhode Island, with troops jumping from the rear of a chinook helicopter. Bryant spent three days on and off the ground for […]


The William Salazar Television Spot Production Award: Bruestle, Williams, Brofer

The William Salazar Television Spot Production Award 1st Place: LCpl. Corio Bruestle

1st Place: LCpl. Corio Bruestle, DMA Iwakuni
The spot started out as a simple panning shot of men waiting for treatment in a medical clinic. But along came a cart, which Bruestle used to prop his camera and improvise a trucking shot, complete with […]


Television Information Program: Marines TV, CVIC-MCB

1st Place: Marines TV, DMA Crystal City Marines
This production involved the Commandant and the Sergeant Major of the Marines with their annual birthday message. The filming took place in Jacksonville, N.C., Afghanistan and Washington. The last shoot was outdoors at Fort McNair in D.C., with Marines dressed for astaged birthday ball. While waiting for the […]