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Jack Paxton
Executive Director, USMCCCA
110 Fox Court,
Wildwood, FL 34785
+1 352-748-4698


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$5,000 up

Keith Oliver
Col. Sally Pritchett
Ralph Austin

Don Coleman
George Chrisman
Dan Carpenter
Dale Baird
Tom Kerr
Bob McEwen
Mike Arnold
Walt Ford
Cochise Cash

Joe Skymba
John Ames
Mike Minardi

Dedicated Members

The 2016-17 Dedicated Member Campaign has begun. This year you can designate where your contribution goes. Your name and dedication will also appear in the Annual Conference Journal at the end of the year:

Bill Hauptfleisch
Dale Baird
Don Parzanese
Sally Pritchett
IMO Don O’Neal
Bill Hauptfleisch
IMO Don O’Neal
Kate Stark
IMO Don O’Neal
Gene Smith
IMO Don O’Neal
& USMCCCA Scholarship Fund
Bob Bowen
IMO Tom Bartlett
Dan Bisher
IMO Lester Wesighan
Mike Arnold
IMO Lester Wesighan
Fran Slimmer
Dianna Ball
Jenny Holbert
Don Gee
Malcom Barr
Margaret Diefenbach
Tom Kerr
Joe Galloway
Kevin Doll
Steve Illes
IMO GySgt. Steve Illes IV USMC
Keith Oliver
Jack Paxton
Emil Dansker
IMO Col. Herb Hart
John Dodd
Virginia Bueno
Walt Ford
IMO Don O’Neal
Bob Long
Cochise Cash
IMO of Jack Lewis and Don O’Neal
Cynthia LaJeunesse

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Nominations Made for USMCCCA Board of Directors

The nominations period for the reelection of officers and two vacant Director positions for the United States Marine Corps Combat Correspondents Association ended at 1700 May 15, 2013.  All incumbent officer positions faced no opposition and were automatically nominated for one year terms.

There were two nominations for the two vacant Director positions thus precluding the […]


Nominations sought for Association Board

Nominations will close at the end of working hours on Wednesday, May 15 for the four one-year term officer positions and three available two-year Director positions on the Association Board of Directors.

Each of the current officers of the Board has agreed to serve for one more year. If no more than two nominations are received […]


Seeking these CCs

If your name appears below, please contact Jack Paxton, Executive Director, USMCCCA, 110 Fox Court, Wildwood, FL 34785 or at +1 352-748-4698 or EMAIL: ASAP and use the code word: OOPS.

Gwen Adams
John Arsenault
Eleanor Bertrand
Thomas N Bland Jr.
V. T. “Ben” Blaz
John Caldwell
Joanna Cappeto
Andrew Chrostman
Alice T. Clark
James Cohn
Roger J Combs
Jose Esparra Jr.
Demetrio Espinosa
Clinton Firstbrook
Jason S Fischer
James M. […]


Updated membership directory

If you’ve been waiting for an updated membership directory, this is YOUR lucky day. If you are a registered member of this site, you can download here. Any information that is incorrect, please use this form to let Jack Paxton know to update the roster.


Newsletter on its way

4th Quarter Newsletter

The fourth and final issue of 2012 “Now Hear This” the official USMCCCA newsletter, should be arriving in your mailbox soon. If you DO NOT receive it, then you need to make sure CCHQ has your correct mailing address. You can MAKE SURE you get future newsletters by using the membership update […]


Members: Where Are You?

If you are a member and did not get a Conference Journal recently maybe you need to update your address with CCHQ.  We recently absorbed about $20 in returned postage fees for members who have moved but did not advise CCHQ.  We are currently trying to find addresses for the following:

John Deering
Jessica O’Haver
John F. Sullivan
David […]


Denig Dedication In Overdrive

The official dedication of the Brig. Gen. Robert L. Denig Memorial will be held at the National Museum of the Marine Corps at Quantico at 10 a.m. Saturday, November 17.  Ceremonies will begin in the Semper Fidelis Chapel at 10 a.m., then move to the nearby Denig Memorial site.  Attendees are also invited to a […]


2013 Dues Reminder

Yearly-dues paying members are reminded that dues for 2012-13 need to be paid by September 30.  Staff NCOs and above:  $35.  Sergeants and below:  $25.  Pay online at or by credit card/check to CCHQ at or by calling 352.748.4698.


New treasurer needed for CCs

USMCCCA Treasurer Tom Kerr to retire

Long-time USMCCCA Treasurer Tom Kerr has announced his intention to retire from the job as of this coming December 31.

In order to provide continuity, we are asking that anyone  interested in assuming this volunteer position please contact Jack Paxton, Executive Director, at either 352 748-4698 or email him at […]


Where are you?

CCHQ has had six newsletters returned due to members moving and not forwarding a good snail-mail address.  If you know the whereabouts of the following, please let CCHQ know using the following link: Update Your information

George T. Brown, Braintree, MA
Tyler Balzer, San Diego, CA
Steve Berntson, Tacoma, WA
Rebecca Burgess, Carlsbad, CA
Michael Furgal, Monroe, WI
Hartman Slate, San Antonio, […]


Dedicated Member Program Kicks Off

The 2012-13 Annual Dedicated Member program began April 1 and will continue through July 15.  Members will receive a remittance envelope and letter explaining the program within days.  As always, we will again begin publishing contributor names on the website and also in the annual Conference Journal, to be published on or about September […]


Auction items needed

We are approaching near-record attendance at the New Orleans Conference.  As of August 11 we have registered 156 Marines, members, guests, etc. and we have one month to go.  What is desperately  needed are auction items and items for door prizes in the hospitality suite.  This is where we help solidify our future financial stability.   […]