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By admin | April 3rd, 2013

P.T. Brent authored a new book

P.T. Brent authored a new book, 29: an Anthology of Outrageous Stories.

Description on U.S. Marines by their very culture are strong, bold, disciplined . . . and ultimately victorious. The Irish know how to make something from nothing . . . and still find cheeky humor in a “hard knock” life.

Catholics care deeply about their God, their country and their fellow man. Marine Irish-Catholic P.T. Brent has lived an extraordinary life and his “finish line” is still beyond the horizon. A product of his environment and experiences, he tells of an austere childhood as a young man growing up in a one-room apartment with his mother, lighted by the glow of a single bulb hanging from a bare wire.

From those exceptionally humble beginnings, he has mastered the art of understanding what makes people “tick.” And in sales, he has learned what makes them “buy.” Unlike most of us, he knows how to disarm hostility with a smile and unexpected kindness thereby humbling, turning the tables on and often embarrassing his adversary.

Mr. Brent, on determination and personality, has gone from “nothing,” to being featured in the book Above and Beyond (Rudy Socha, Turner Publishing), a “who’s who” listing of some of the most influential Marines in the corporate world following their service to their country. When Patrick’s name surfaces in conversation, more often than not, the word “outrageous” is spoken by many—and often.

Usually, the term is uttered with a smile as people relate either personal or relayed stories of his shenanigans, elaborate practical jokes or verbal jousting with business competitors. This book is a short, personal and humble overview of success through determination. Let it not be lost on the reader that there is another P.T.B. to whom Patrick Timothy Brent might find blood ties. His last name would be Barnum of three-ring circus fame. Coincidence? You decide.

— Colonel John Richard Bates, United States Marine Corps (retired) Running buddy, world travel buddy and practical joke assistant to P.T.B. for over three decades


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