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By admin | March 31st, 2012

Progress Report: The BrigGen. Robert L. Denig Memorial

The Denig Monument in progress

This is a March 30 progress report on contributions to the Denig Memorial, scheduled for unveiling this November at the National Museum of the Marine Corps,  Quantico, VA.

Some background for those of you reading about the Memorial, possibly for the first time.  The actual cost of the Memorial, including $1,000 in permanent maintenance, is $26,895. 

 The stunning black marble edifice, being prepared by Kline Memorials of Dumfries, VA (shown here again) is a tribute to Denig, his “Demons, and all who have told or will tell the Marine Corps story in writing, photography, broadcasting and all associated components of our occupational fields . Surrounding the Memorial will be 76 engraved bricks honoring loved ones and/or members.  Each brick is being sold for $300.  Thanks to a special offer by the Museum, we were able to purchase the bricks for $210, meaning $90 would go to help defray the cost of the Memorial.  The arrangement requires a minimum brick sale of 50 bricks.

So, here’s where we stand at the end of March:  Counting the $90 profit from the bricks as well as all contributions, we have raised $22,440 for the Memorial leaving us shy of the goal by $4,455. We have sold 32 bricks and have pledges for 5 more.  This means we are 13 bricks away from satisfying the Museum requirement (50) or 39 from filling the area around the Memorial.

On the left hand side of this page are the names of members and friends who have helped us so far.  If you have not yet made a pledge – which can be paid over a three year period – we encourage you to do so.  If you know of someone who you think would help us, reach out!  If you have a lead on someone but don’t want to make the ask, contact CCHQ.  We’re not bashful!

Keep one thing in mind.  This is – and probably will be – the only memorial at our great Museum honoring members of the 4300 and 4600 occupational fields.  It is in a great location and will be a lasting testament to each of us who have told the Marine Corps story.


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