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By admin | May 11th, 2011

Leaving the Corps?

Continue a Proud Tradition With Your Professional Organization

If you are a CC or ComCam Marine leaving the Corps but want to carry on your proud tradition with CCs who have “been there, done that” we encourage you to make contact with chapters of our United States Marine Corps Combat Correspondents Association who could help you in many ways. You may be looking for a job, looking for help making local contacts, or even wanting to talk to someone who has lived in the area for a while. Networking is something your association thrives in. Make contact with the following:

Dale Cook: San Francisco area.
Victoria Turney; Greater Atlanta Area
“Red” Carpenter: Central Florida area
Jack Paxton: Central Florida and CCHQ.
Jim Keyser: Northern Virginia/DC area:
Agostino von Hassell in New York area:

We’re here for you.


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