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By admin | April 2nd, 2009

Dedicated Members donate and pay tribute

Don O’Neal, USMCCCA Foundation President, announced today that the 2009 Dedicated Member Campaign has already topped $3,000 thanks to the members listed below.   “This is especially gratifying  as we have taken some big hit losses from several of our corporate partners already this year.  We hope you’ll keep those gifts coming!” If you would like to make a dedication go here.

“In memory of Chuck DeMar”
– MSgt. Doug Weatherman

– Don Gee

– Hank Ehlbeck

– LtCol. James Vance, USMC (Ret.)

– George D. Bieber, MGySgt. (Ret.)

– Fred Lash

– Cindy Lajeunesse

“In memory of Ceresse”
– Keith Oliver

– Cochise Cash

“In memory of Maj. Megan McClung”
-Jenny M. Holbert

“In memory of Marines KIA of 2-F-23 and 24the replacement draft at Iwo Jima.”
– Dale J. Cook

Cy O’Brien

– Agostino VonHassell

“Saluting Sr. Airman M.G. Barrr Jr. USAF Iraq ’09”
– Malcolm G.  Barr Sr.

“In memroy of Gladys McPartland ‘CCs Semper Fi Lady'”
– Sue Sousa

– William S. Clark

– Dennis Neal

– Thomas Rutherford

– Herbert Schwarzbach

“In loving memory of  Gen. Robert H. Barrow”
David Silcox

“In loving memory of my son, Cpl. Thomas Kerr Jr.”
– Tom  Kerr

“In memory of Mo Morrisey, Dickie Chapelle, Walt Heitsmann, Jim Kelly, Bob Lyons, Obie O’Brant, Vance Jobe, Mary Ellen Grande, Ed Hall, Francis Barr, Dick Olund and Bob Wheeler.”
– John B. “Jawn” Harmon

“GySgt. Steve J. Illes IV, USMC”
– Steve  Illes 

– Donald Haley

– Master Gunnery Sergeant USMC (Ret) Don Parzanese

– Alex Wasinski

“In memory of Dr. C. R. Openshaw”
– Cal Openshaw

– GySgt. Lu Caldera, USMC (Ret.)
“In memory of Frederico Claveria and Hal Weinberger”
– George Chrisman

“In memory of Cpl. Richard Pitts”
— Mike and Sarah Pitts

“In memory of Jerry Ragsdale & Gary Cameron”
— William Goodman

— Master Gunnery Sergeant USMC (Ret.) John Funk

“In memory of John Frye”
— Sally Pritchett

“In memory of Col. Dick Stark”
— Don O’Neal

“John and Dale Dodd”
— John Dodd

“In memory of (son) Dan Kester”
— Charles R. Kester

— Ralph J. Austin

“In memory of Bill Bierd & Jim Oggerino”
— John B. “Jawn” Harmon

“Lisa & Mert”
— Vlado Mrdutt

“In memory of John F. Link”
— F. G. Williamson

“In memory of Mo, mentor & friend. “
— Jack Paxton

“1st Prov. DMZ Police Company, Korea 1953-55”
— Bob Caulkins

“In memory of Robert B. Morrisey”
–Col. Walter Ford

“Remember the ‘Bald One'”
— Ron Harwood

“In memory of  H. Michael McMahon”
— Rodney Ayers

— Gen. Al Gray       

— Dale Baird

— Maurice Curran

— Robert L. Montgomery

— James ”Red” Carpenter

— Eddie Kafafian


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