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Minutes: 2014 New Board Meeting Conference Call, December 10, 2014

President Emanuel “Manny” Pacheco called the New Board Meeting to order via conference call at 7 p.m. EST on December 10. All elected board members (BOD) and the Executive Director (ED) were present with the exception of Rick Lavers who was absent due to a critical family medical emergency, and Tom Kerr who was on travel.

Reports: No reports necessary as this was a newly constituted BOD.

Old Business:

2015 New Bern Conference: A conference chair is needed. Suggestions included civilian PAOs at both Camp Lejeune and Cherry Point as well as Anita Best and Jackie Huneycutt, who both live in the immediate area. The Executive Director will pursue this issue with President Pacheco.

By-laws: Specifically a question had been raised concerning the validity of an electronic board meeting (conference call, emails, etc.) The current Association By-laws were written and revised before the active use of electronics for meetings, etc. They are silent regarding this subject and probably should be re-written to address it. The ED will prepare a draft for consideration. The current version merely states that “the BOD should meet twice yearly in a body.” Loosely interpreted, a conference call can be considered valid.

Dedicated Members: A written proposal was made by Tom Kerr to change the title of Dedicated Members to Dedicated Supporters, to ensure the legality of those funds remaining with the Foundation and not the Association. The Foundation does not have members. ED will take for action and make the appropriate changes.

Life Memberships: Request was also made by Tom Kerr to break out the funds available and associated with the Life Membership Fund. Additionally, a discussion was had on the frequency of treasury reports. It was agreed that the submission of treasury reports to the board will be reduced to quarterly as the Association/Foundation now has a contracted bookkeeper to take care of our accounting and IRS needs.

Newsletter Survey: The survey, as published in the most recent issue of Now Hear This (NHT) is inconclusive at this time. The BOD feels that some form of printed communication should be continued, but the frequency of that publication will be re-looked once the current survey is complete and the results published. The ED will continue to monitor results and will make a report and recommendation to the board when concluded.

Board Nominations: Because the subject of nominations was not addressed at the annual conference, the BOD remedied this during the conference call by announcing that there are openings for two new directors to take office in 2015 and that nominations would remain open until May 1, 2015. Director Bob Long was named Nominations Committee Chair and tasked with finding suitable candidates.

New Business:

Fundraising: While fundraising is not within the purview of the Association Board, it was addressed by President Pacheco. It is felt that each member might be able to identify “leads” that could be followed by either the ED or an appointed committee person to increase the revenues of both the Association and the Foundation. The ED asked that advertising leads be addressed to him for follow up.

Conference Expenses: While not germane to fundraising, President Pacheco expressed concern about conference expenses and discussed ways they could be addressed. Obviously, the registration fee must become more realistic in recognizing certain expenses, i.e. transportation, extra-curricular activities, give-away items, such as the conference cups. He and the ED will explore ways this can be addressed.

Chapter Incentives: Per a written request of Tom Kerr a discussion was had on creating some sort of incentive for chapters to get advertising and retain a small portion of the revenue. However, given the fact that there are only four active chapters in title with no active feedback from their activities the idea was deferred as not realistic at this time.

USMCCCA Annual Journal: The BOD agreed with President Pacheco and the ED that the annual Journal should continue to be a year-end publication versus one prepared for the Conference. This will allow it to be a journal that reflects on the recent conference with a solid teasers for the next conference.

75th Anniversary Conference: 2016 will mark the 75th anniversary of the CC organization. Accordingly, it has been recommended that the annual conference be conducted in the Quantico area, with lodging to be in Fredericksburg, versus the more expensive DC area. The conference will be expanded one day and will include Sunday as a travel day. The annual banquet will be on Thursday evening. As plans progress the Board will be advised.

Future Conferences: President Pacheco asked the BOD to consider identifying conference sites three-to-five years out. He stated that, with the 2015 and 2016 conferences staying on the East Coast that we should consider going west in 2017. There was brief discussion about a few locations but going back to Reno seemed to be the popular idea.

Executive Director Succession: The subject of who might replace the ED when he decides to step down was discussed with no conclusive results. President Pacheco stated that this is a definite need and one that will require much future discussion.

The meeting was adjourned at 8 p.m. EST.


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